I’m a software engineer currently working at Skiplist. It appears you’ve stumbled upon my personal website. Here I post about my side projects and things I’ve uncovered in my day to day activities in the world of technology. Might be a little light at the moment as I’ve just rebooted the site, but check back soon. As it goes with blogs… I fully intend on making regular updates.

In the mean time, here’s some completely out of context stuff people have said about me:

“An excellent team lead who always thrives to deliver the best solution.”

“Up-to-date with latest tools and technologies.”

“Excelled in learning other platforms”

“Ability to handle stressful situations and maintain composure under pressure.”

“Go-to man”

“Excellent reviewer both for code and requirements.”

If this is all too informal for you then my resume might be what you’re after.